// AndTheChorusSwells... *

oh My gAwd! itS Adam BRody!!!!

*heart flutters*

i PrEfer tO bE kNown As:
So-cAlled fAv ColoUr:
LuRves tO wAtch:
TV programs..
What I do iN SchooL:
wAt SchOol??
fAv sCent:
DKNY Be Delicious.. (Oh my gAwd, its apple-licious!)
When bOred:
stay at home &..... watch HK dramas, eat, snack, look for food, get fat, read, flip thru mags..
Vehicles I would LoVE to own!:
Vespa Scooter, Any vintage Jaguar, Mini One in Velvet Red
The NEveR EndiNg ShOPpiNg LiSt:
LeVis SquAre cUt jEAns, TriUmpH T-ShiRt BrA, PetEr pAn DvD, FinDinG NeVerLAnd DVd, DKNY Be DeLiCioUs fRaGraNce

cHEcK iT OUt..

Thursday, July 03, 2003

With slight hesitation in her voice, Andrea asks, "May I ask why on earth you are calling my car 'Fred'?"
Michelle points to the letters on the car's trunk. "See, F-R-D. Your O fell off. It's not a Ford anymore, it's a Fred! My uncle's O fell off his old Mustang. Must be something about the glue they use on the O's.."
Michelle's right. There is no more O. Just two rusty sockets where the O used to hang.
Andrea looks down at the spot where her car's only vowel used to live.
Then she snaps.
"Oh, my O!" Where's my fucking O? Now the car looks horrible! I don't want a fucking 'Fred' car! We must find this O!"
As if Michelle renaming the car "Fred" because of a missing O wasn't comic relief enough, now Andrea is running around screaming, "Oh, my O!"
She's joking, right?
"Oh, my lost O!"
I wanna laugh.
God, make it stop.
Please, God.

-excerpt from The Broke Diaries

iM MAd Abt U... |11:10 AM|

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Wheeee~~~ Shopping makes me hAPpY~!!!

Items of purchase :
Pinkish-stripy Bikini from Warehouse
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix (limited Ed)
The Broke Diaries
The Cocktail Hour
Marie Claire bath towel

Was So tempted to get another Bikini.. This brown/white reversible one.. If I had bought that, would be even more satisfied with my purchases.. Budden I'll be so super broke.. Sighz.. Aniwaez, The Broke Diaries is really good.. Very funny.. Already 2/3-way through it liaoz.. Very engaging..

*Needs sleep* *Need to wake up early tomorrow* *Going Beach* *Feels exhuasted*

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Sunday, June 29, 2003

Destiny's Child - Brown Eyes

Remember the first day when I saw your face
remember the first day when you smiled at me
you stepped to me and you said to me
I was the woman you dreamed about
remember the first day when you called my house
remember the first day when you took me out
we had butterflies although we tried to hide
and we both had a beautiful night

The way we held each others hand
the way we talked the way we laughed
it felt so good to find true love
I knew right then and there you were the one

I know that he loves me cause he told me so
I know that he loves me cause his feelings show
when he stares at me you know that he cares for me
you see how he is so deep in love
I know that he loves me cause its obvious
I know that he loves me cause it's me he trusts
and he's missing me if he's not kissing me
and when he looks at me his brown eyes tells his soul

Remember the first day, the first day we kissed
remember the first day we had an argument
we apologized and then we compromised
and we haven't argued since
remember the first day we stopped playing games
remember the first day you fell in love with me
it felt so good for you to say those words
cause I felt the same way too

iM MAd Abt U... |11:21 PM|

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