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oh My gAwd! itS Adam BRody!!!!

*heart flutters*

i PrEfer tO bE kNown As:
So-cAlled fAv ColoUr:
LuRves tO wAtch:
TV programs..
What I do iN SchooL:
wAt SchOol??
fAv sCent:
DKNY Be Delicious.. (Oh my gAwd, its apple-licious!)
When bOred:
stay at home &..... watch HK dramas, eat, snack, look for food, get fat, read, flip thru mags..
Vehicles I would LoVE to own!:
Vespa Scooter, Any vintage Jaguar, Mini One in Velvet Red
The NEveR EndiNg ShOPpiNg LiSt:
LeVis SquAre cUt jEAns, TriUmpH T-ShiRt BrA, PetEr pAn DvD, FinDinG NeVerLAnd DVd, DKNY Be DeLiCioUs fRaGraNce

cHEcK iT OUt..

Friday, June 20, 2003

Its such a small world..

Went back to school today to get some refund thingy for the Biz Shield thing (some captain's ball match).. The guy (seen him around in school before, he's a yr2 hospi student, if I'm not wrong..) who called said to collect it between 2-6pm today.. I was the 1st person there at 4.45pm.. He was extremely grateful & said that I made his day.. Haha.. Sucks to be waiting for people to turn up all alone.. Was in my F&C uniform, coz went there right after work, & he remarked "You work at F&C?"..
Me: *smiles* Yar
Him: I used to work there too..
Me: *surprised* oh really?!
Him: Yar.. I was sacked.. Used to work there as a bartender..
Me: *smiles* ok.. cool~
Him: so u just got off work or are u going to work?
Me: just got off..
Him: at 5?
Me: *thinking.. "its not even 5"* no.. at 4..
Him: ok.. tt's weird hours..
Me: *perfectly fine for me* eh.. ok lar..

I must have seemed super-unfriendly coz all my answers to his question were really 1/2-hearted & kind of rude (was speaking in super-monotonous mode).. Can't help it.. Was feeling exhausted after a busy day at work & not-so-happy that I had to make a trip to school.. *Hidayah had better be grateful (its her money)..

Aniwaez, Johnson messaged.. He seemed very worried about me.. But I'm ok, now.. Actually feeling kinda stupid that I felt so sad about the breakup.. *laugh at me people* I bask in singlehood.. =)

Oh.. Amazing Race starting.. Gotta run...

P.S. Hey guyz.. Look.. Itz 1 month to my birthday!! So can't wait.. Can't wait to be 18!!!! =)))

iM MAd Abt U... |9:44 PM|

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

I'm still alive.. Juz haven't been of very good mood lately.. It would be great if ppl would suck up to me & kiss my ass.. That would make me feel better.. *sneaky smilez*

Oh yar.. Real Madrid signed David Beckham.. This is interesting news.. *Wonders how he'll fit in.. Really!? Seriously.. Of all people?! Beckham?! Yuck.. =P
Well.. As much as I don't like him, it would be interesting to watch him play in that team.. Aniwaez he won't get the No.7 jersey.. No way.. That number SO belongs to Raul..


Weight this morning: 40 Kg

I can't believe it.. I'm losing so much weight.. (Isaac: Jealous?! =P) Even after that meal last night, with that humongous mud cake!! Boy, that meal sure cost a bomb.. & I'm still losing weight.. Boy, my body is weird..

iM MAd Abt U... |10:14 PM|

Monday, June 16, 2003

Worst feeling in the World: Parting with a love one..

iM MAd Abt U... |8:50 PM|

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