// AndTheChorusSwells... *

oh My gAwd! itS Adam BRody!!!!

*heart flutters*

i PrEfer tO bE kNown As:
So-cAlled fAv ColoUr:
LuRves tO wAtch:
TV programs..
What I do iN SchooL:
wAt SchOol??
fAv sCent:
DKNY Be Delicious.. (Oh my gAwd, its apple-licious!)
When bOred:
stay at home &..... watch HK dramas, eat, snack, look for food, get fat, read, flip thru mags..
Vehicles I would LoVE to own!:
Vespa Scooter, Any vintage Jaguar, Mini One in Velvet Red
The NEveR EndiNg ShOPpiNg LiSt:
LeVis SquAre cUt jEAns, TriUmpH T-ShiRt BrA, PetEr pAn DvD, FinDinG NeVerLAnd DVd, DKNY Be DeLiCioUs fRaGraNce

cHEcK iT OUt..

Friday, May 30, 2003

You don't have to deal with depression. You're not
depressed... ever. Don't you ever feel like
you're wasting your time by taking these

How do you deal with your depression?
brought to you by Quizilla

*Really?!?!! I'm sure I do get depression once in a while..

iM MAd Abt U... |1:45 PM|

I've lost the will to be happy..
I've lost the will to love..
I've lost the will to.....
I think I've lost.. Me....

Happy 18th Birthday to RB!!! =)
Went out with her & debs yesterday, for an early celebration.. We basically went for lunch & shopping around for a pair of jeans.. Boy is it hard to find a good pair of jeans that fits you.. We went to Levis, Guess, Isetan & finally to Topshop were we found many perfect pairs of jeans.. The only place that had jeans that actually fit our liking.. Was supposed to be only Rb getting them, but ended up I oso got a pair, coz there was a sale & it fitted me so well.. Whoopee!! New pair of jeans...

Aniwaez, the most suay person on Earth right now has got to be my deardear friend Wenling.. She recently lost her Nokia 6100 at Glass House & had to borrow her friend's 6510 to use, until she can buy a new phone.. Guess what happened to the 6510.. One day, she went canoeing & it fell into the sea.. Wonderous right!! Sigh.. & we recently all got our exam results & she failed 2 subs.. Bus Stats, again.. & MacrEcon.. SoSO suay sia.....


Sound Bytez :

"The phone rings so much. I've never had so many cousins."
- Rapper 50 CENT discovers the drawbacks of fame.

-Taken from 8 Days, issue no. 659

iM MAd Abt U... |12:44 PM|

Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Been super busy lately.. Lack of sleep & all..

Receieved a very bad piece of news last Friday.. My uncle committed suicide.. Yes, he killed himself, leaving behind his wife & 2 sons, both not even teens yet.. His business had failed & he had landed himself into huge debts.. Aniwaez for the past few days, I've been at his wake.. & earlier today was the cremation..

Aniwaez this is something I don't really want to talk about.. Hate to talk about death.. All that bad karma..

iM MAd Abt U... |7:03 PM|

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