// AndTheChorusSwells... *

oh My gAwd! itS Adam BRody!!!!

*heart flutters*

i PrEfer tO bE kNown As:
So-cAlled fAv ColoUr:
LuRves tO wAtch:
TV programs..
What I do iN SchooL:
wAt SchOol??
fAv sCent:
DKNY Be Delicious.. (Oh my gAwd, its apple-licious!)
When bOred:
stay at home &..... watch HK dramas, eat, snack, look for food, get fat, read, flip thru mags..
Vehicles I would LoVE to own!:
Vespa Scooter, Any vintage Jaguar, Mini One in Velvet Red
The NEveR EndiNg ShOPpiNg LiSt:
LeVis SquAre cUt jEAns, TriUmpH T-ShiRt BrA, PetEr pAn DvD, FinDinG NeVerLAnd DVd, DKNY Be DeLiCioUs fRaGraNce

cHEcK iT OUt..

Saturday, May 03, 2003

Gao Xing
Oh!! You're Gao Xing who loves basketball!!

Which character are you in My Mvp Valentine?
brought to you by Quizilla

Oh cool!!! My fav guy!!! =)) *Sweet*

iM MAd Abt U... |12:51 AM|

Friday, May 02, 2003

The Thing Abt Strips.. & Polka Dots..

Yes!! The exams are over!! Time for the hols!!! =)))) I know I won't be getting really good grades this semester.. But I'm sure I won't fail.... Errr.. I hope.... Heheh...

Today's paper was a breeze.. Except this stupid idiot (ME!!) did 6 questions instead of 5.. Supposed to choose 5 out of 6 questions but I went to do all 6..... How dumb can I get??!?! (Apparently.. VERY!!) That was the only screw up.. Only found out about the "just do 5 questions" thingy after I exited from the exam hall.. Piang... Well.. It's all over already.. So I don't f*cking care anymore....

Aniwaez.. Went to Orchard with Wenling & Debs.. Been some time since I last stepped into Orchard.. Went to watch Johnny English at Lido.. Very lame show sia.. If you're sad & need to cheer up, go watch Johnny English.. If you want to laugh, go watch Johnny English.. It's so lame that we laughed from start till end... After that we just walked around Scotts Road & Orchard Road.. In fact we really walked around alot & me seen many things me wanna buy!!! & the whole Heeren Mall is having sale.. Up to 70% off.. Most shops at least 30% off store wide.... Going back there either tomorrow night or on Sunday to buy some stuff..

Think I spent about $20 on food... Only on food... I eat/snack alot!!! Now I know where my money really goes to.... Into the stomach... Sigh.......

I have this huge thing for strips.. Mainly colourful, vertical strips.. But I'm on a "I love all kinds of strips" fad!!! & this fad kinda extends abit to polka dots... Colourful polka dots!! Darn.. This feels so retro sia.... Aniwaez it's mainly strips...

Top 10 reason to go watch Anger Management
10) To learn how to contain your anger.
9) Heather Graham dressed only in Bra & Panty...
8) ...gorging on chocolate cake.
7) A reallyReally FAT cat being dressed up.
6) The lesbians.
5) Woody Harrelson as a German transvestite.
4) Adam Sandler & Jack Nicholson doing a duet...
3) ...in the middle of a busy highway..
2) ...where they were cursed to "Burn in HELL!!!"...
1) ...They were singing.. "I Feel Pretty".. & it goes like this.. "I'm pretty.. Oh so pretty..."


iM MAd Abt U... |11:19 PM|

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

1 to go.. 1 to go.. 1 last paper to go..... & then it'll be the hols!! Yippee!!!!!!!

Went to watch Anger Management today.... Good show, extremely funny.. & there's Adam Sandler, singing!! Funny stuff.. Shall review it tmr if I have the time... Ciao.. Off to bed..

iM MAd Abt U... |10:33 PM|

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