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TV programs..
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wAt SchOol??
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DKNY Be Delicious.. (Oh my gAwd, its apple-licious!)
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stay at home &..... watch HK dramas, eat, snack, look for food, get fat, read, flip thru mags..
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Vespa Scooter, Any vintage Jaguar, Mini One in Velvet Red
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LeVis SquAre cUt jEAns, TriUmpH T-ShiRt BrA, PetEr pAn DvD, FinDinG NeVerLAnd DVd, DKNY Be DeLiCioUs fRaGraNce

cHEcK iT OUt..

Friday, April 18, 2003

I had a great time last night.. Went drinking with the girls (Rb, Debs & Hsing), Johnson & Dwight.. It was mine & Dwight's 1st month together yesterday.. Time passes so fast.. It's been a month already..

I was actually having quite a bad day yesterday.. Firstly, non-stop classes from 9am to 4pm.. Although me & Wenling skipped the 9am econs lect, coz she was late.. Bleh.. We had quite a heavy breakfast, before going for TTB (which was pretty much boring, as usual) at 10am, where Isaac was late for 2 hours.. Had a quick lunch before going for Econs lect at 1pm.. & then there's Jap at 2pm.. Where we had our listening & oral tests.. It was surprisingly easy, which was good of course.. I daresay I've passed Jap, which means 4 credits for my CDS!! =)

Went home for my long awaited beauty sleep after that.. Although I should have off my handphone, coz I kept getting disturbed.. Mostly by my sis & dad.. & my sis got me so fed up, coz of some miscommunication.. I really got so pissed off with her for being so unreasonable.. Even Dwight got frighten with me coz I sounded god-damn mad when we were talking over the phone.. Aniwaez I managed to calm down before meeting him, coz my mum settled the misunderstanding.. (Thank God for mummy!!)

Aniwaez, he was dressed very slackishly, hair not gelled & all.. Coz I didn't tell him where we were going.. So we went to F&C 1st, to see if any1 there got gel or wax.. Too bad they didn't.. So he was stuck with that "innocent boy" look..

Isaac & his friend happened to be dining at F&C while we were there, so chatted with him abit, while waiting for Dwight.. Btw, Dwight is 1/2 chinese, 1/2 filipino.. Aniwaez Isaac, why do you keep dining at F&C.. Thought you like have this extreme hatred for F&C?? Heh.....

Dwight & I went to Esplanade before meeting up with the others.. Actually just sat at the outside of Esplanade.. Its a really nice place for couples to chill out.. =)

Met Sha & her boyfriend while walking back to City Link.. Sha's bf is a very funny guy, but abit too irritating.. Hahaha.. Wenling always gets bullied by him, budden Wenling always gets bullied.. -_-;;

Ok.. So the rest of the gang were all dressed very nicely coz we were supposed to go drink at Swissotel. But we ended up at Broadwalk, the place between Millenia Walk & Marina Square.. 1st we ordered 6 shots of Sex on the Beach, which tasted like panadol syrup for kids.. *Yuck* After that we got housepours, which was going for 1-for-1. Vodka lime, vodka sprite, vodka ribena & bourbon coke.. 1 sip of bourbon coke & I never touched it anymore.. Not very nice tasting.. Lets see.. I drank 2 glasses of vodka ribena & vodka sprite & 1 vodka lime.. So that's 5 glasses in all & I was walking wobbly after that.. Well, at least I knew what was going on & could see, wasn't puking or talking rubbish.. Just wasn't walking steadily.. Btw last night was the 1st time I'm drinking k..

Got kinda mad at Johnson last night.. Coz he had the cheek to give Dwight cigarettes right in front of my eyes.. When he passed the cigarettes to Dwight, I was giving him the "What are you doing" look.. Which he saw & said "Oh.. Need to cut down on cigarettes lar.." Which maddened me more, coz he knows that I don't like it that Dwight smokes & he's still giving him cigarettes.. So I just kept giving him the "I am very mad at you" stare, which made him take back a few sticks..

Well, on the whole I had a great time.. So did Dwight.. Although he was wishing that we could have spent more time on our own.. Heh.. Well, I'm just glad that their impression of him have changed for the better.. =)

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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

Today, my bestest friends got to know Dwight.. & the 1st impression wasn't good.. I admit that he wasn't at his best today.. In fact he has been acting odd for the past few days.. Mainly coz of lack of sleep.. But that's no excuse really..

Aniwaez Rb asked me if I was serious about this relationship & I wasn't too sure.. But after some thoughts, I know I am serious about us.. & this makes me frighten, coz I'm a pessimist when it comes to relationships, I have little faith & little confidence.. I know that Dwight is serious about us, but I still can't help feeling afraid.. I actually talked to him about my issue last week & he assured me that this will work out & that he will make me have confidence in us.. I am really falling in love with him..

He's got his issues.. He's got many faults.. But I love him for who he is..

Updated ard 1am: Oh gawd.. I cried watching Boston Public.. My favourite teacher died.... This has got to be the saddest ending ever.. Now I can't wait for next week's episode.. Damn.....

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Monday, April 14, 2003

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My gawd!!! The sleeping part is so true!! Haha.. I so love to sleep!! =P

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Sunday, April 13, 2003

The jap test was a wreck.. Think I might fail.. If I actually pass, I'll give thanks to heaven & earth.. *feels lame*

Aniwaez, went to Cheryl's (friend from work) chalet last night, around 11pm, with Dwight, Yap & Fiona (all Fish & Co staff).. Was feeling extremely exhausted by then, coz of the stupid jap test (had to wake up real early) & having been working for 8 hours.. Bleh.. Had to stay awake till Liling arrived though, to cut the cake.. (its was Cheryl's & Liling's birthdays..) She went to 5566's concert, which ended about 12 & by the time she came, it was around 1am & I was pretty much dead by then.. Aniwaez went to sleep around 3am, although kept waking up coz of super loud music/sounds & people constantly walking in & out of the room.. Bleh..

Was supposed to go, erm.. clean the graves?!? of my ancestors early this morning.. But my parents didn't wait for me.. Damn.. If I had known earlier than I wouldn't have had to wake up at 6.30am & rush home.. Guess I didn't rush enough.. But also good lar.. Like that can stay at home to sleep, until 1+pm, where I was rudely woken up by my sister, bugging me to go the Hereens with her, to change the Qoo thingy.. Sigh.. Didn't have a choice coz I had promised.. It was a damned rainy day though.. *hates to go Orchard when its raining* Well, the only plus was I got a Canterbury (that rugby jersey brand) polo top.. Really like it sia, cost quite a bomb though.. -_-;;

Went to Starbucks at Paragon afterwards, coz my sis wanted so much to drink coffee.. Grr, she gets on my nerves.. Well, that's not the point.. Guess who I saw when we left Starbucks, after the coffee.. Jeanette Ho!! Or Ms. Ho, if this will better trigger your mind (those who know her).. My Sec.1 form teacher, for about 3 months or so.. (she was a trainee from NIE) Just happened to look at her when we were leaving the store & kinda stared abit hard, coz she looked so familiar.. She also stared back hard.. Kept digging my mind trying to figure out who she was.. I stopped outside the store, looking back, trying to figure out who she was, when she got up & approached me.. & we were like "do I know you, you look familiar" that kinda thing.. & then she said "were you one of my students?? from Fairfield?" *Kaching* Finally I realised who she was.. We chatted abit, before parting.. Boy.. Its been long.. Aniwaez, she's teaching at Pioneer JC now..

Manchester 6 - 2 Newcastle.. Arh F!!
Hisham & Ray were apparently over-estatic that Man U had won & by so much.. All the loud whoppee woos....... Then I popped a question.. "wah.. u guys so happy, got bet arh??" & suddenly they quieten down & said "er.. no.." Boy did they sound super disappointed all of a sudden.. Hah! That was a real funny scene manz.. Happened at the chalet..

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